A natural prebiotic fibre¹⁻³ shown to support gut health⁴, heart health⁵⁻⁶ blood glucose health⁷

Optimising wellbeing with the goodness of oats

OatWell™, our unique prebiotic fibre ingredient, harnesses the natural goodness of oats to help deliver nutritious and delightful food experiences that support wellbeing. From crispy cereals to fibre-rich breads, OatWell™ puts scientifically proven benefits into every bite. Backed by 34 clinical studies, the oat beta-glucan found in OatWell™ has demonstrated its ability to support gut health⁴, heart health⁵ ⁶ and blood glucose health⁷. Several of these benefits are supported by authorised claims in Europe and the USA.
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Gut health
Blood glucose health
Heart health

A star ingredient for consumer health

Consumers are actively seeking ways to optimise wellbeing and are increasingly aware of the crucial role played by gut health. In fact, 70% of European consumers cite gut health and digestion among their top three health priorities.¹⁴ With 80% of European consumers already aware of the health-supporting benefits of oats¹⁴, oat prebiotic fibre can be a star ingredient when creating delicious food experiences that support gut health. 52% of American consumers are interested in oat as a plant-based ingredient and 33% associate oat with digestion and gut health while 36% associate it with heart health benefits.¹⁵ Meanwhile, 23% of EAME consumers associate oat with immunity and 31% with digestion (gut health). ¹⁶

of American consumers are interested in oat as a plant-based ingredient

Robust science:

Clinical and scientific research demonstrates OatWell™’s ability to support gut health⁴ , heart health⁵ ⁶ and blood glucose control¹⁶

Natural & sustainable:

Our oats are sustainably harvested and processed locally using renewable energy.

Authorised health claims:

OatWell™ is supported by health claims in Europe and the USA.

Unique nutritional profile:

With both soluble and insoluble fibre (up to 57%) as well as protein (up to 28%), OatWell™ offers a balanced nutritional profile.

Diverse applications:

Highly dispersible and well-suited for extrusions, OatWell™ performs well in a wide range of applications.

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clinical studies performed with focus on cholesterol, glycaemia, satiety, gut health and others.

The science behind


Strong scientific and regulatory backing

With scientific research and regulatory approvals to back its claims, oat fibre emerges as a powerful ingredient with significant potential to support gut health⁴, cardiovascular health⁵ ⁶ and blood sugar⁷ control for greater wellbeing.

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responsible sourcing

Sustainably sourced for people and planet

The oats used to create OatWell™ are grown and harvested sustainably, in accordance with the principles of our Sourcing4Good programme, which promotes responsible practices across our supply chains, while improving both producer livelihoods and the environmental impacts of our products. The responsible growing practices and minimal processing behind OatWell™ assure its positioning as a trusted natural ingredient.

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Why formulate




Oats are already a well-loved ingredient in cereals, but they can make a terrific addition to many applications, including breads, crackers, pastas, sweet baked goods and extruded snacks. In addition, OatWell™ offers multiple functional benefits in formulation.
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1. Was Oat beta-glucan soluble fibre on top of the FDA list of approved dietary fibres?
2. Is the beta-glucan from oat the same as the beta-glucan from yeast?
3. What is the shelf life of OatWell™?

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The natural adaptogen backed by science



The science behind OatWell™

Benefits backed by powerful science and claims

For over 30 years, we've developed innovative oat products backed by active research projects. Much of Givaudan’s work has focused on proving the health benefits of oat beta-glucans. OatWell™ is the product of our commitment to delivering premium value to our customers through rigorous science.

years of research and development excellence
scientific publications since 1996

Well-established benefits for heart and glycaemic health

It’s no accident that consumers associate oats with heart health. Clinical evidence supports the ability of oat beta-glucan to reduce cholesterol¹⁷, which is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease⁵. In addition, numerous studies have shown that consuming oat beta-glucan is an effective way to maintain healthy blood sugar (or glucose) levels⁷.

Oat beta-glucan is thought to play a key role in reducing postprandial glycaemic and insulinemic responses by increasing the viscosity of the content of the upper gut¹⁸, which may reduce the rate of starch digestion thus delaying absorption of carbohydrates.

Authorised health claims in Europe and the USA

The large body of research has paved the way for several health claims related to OatWell™. The FDA claims recognise beta-glucan as a source of dietary fibre, and as an ingredient which supports both gut and heart health. Similarly, the European Commission has authorised claims related to fibre, cholesterol maintenance, blood glucose and gut health⁴ ⁵.

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Strengthening the microbiome

Research suggests that the benefits of oat beta-glucan may stem from its role as a prebiotic fibre, supporting the microbiome. The soluble fibre present in oats selectively feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut and supports a diverse and balanced microbiome.⁶ ¹⁹

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OatWell™ Responsible Sourcing

Nurturing people and planet

OatWell™ ingredients are good for both body and planet. Minimally processed, and sustainably sourced, they deliver nutritious and delicious food experiences that support wellbeing.

“Sourced from local farms in Sweden and powered by renewable energy, we transform each grain into high quality, healthy and sustainable ingredients."

Thelma Banzon,
Company & Site Operations Manager

Our Commitment

Sourced from nature

The oats used to make Oatwell™ are sustainably and transparently sourced in Sweden and Finland. We offer full traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Our farmers employ responsible agricultural practices and minimise pesticide and herbicide use.

Minimally processed

We use a gentle fractionation method to maintain the oat beta-glucan's structure and nutritional benefits. The goal of this process is to maximise OatWell™’s nutritional profile.

Sustainably manufactured

The oats used in OatWell™ are sourced and processed locally to reduce the transportation impact. We minimise waste handling by utilising rinse water for fields and using semi-solid waste for biogas. In addition, our processing plant operates on 75% renewable energy.

Ongoing commitments

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we are committed to becoming climate positive before 2050, as are our suppliers and partners. In addition, we always look for new technologies with a superior environmental impact; for example, replacing diesel with a plate heat exchanger.

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Enhanced nutrition in any application

OatWell™ offers multiple functional benefits for food formulations, making it a versatile ingredient and allowing for fibre fortification in many applications, including bread, crackers, pastas, sweet baked goods and extruded snacks.

OatWell™ behaves as a natural stabiliser/emulsifier, making it an ideal ingredient for clean label strategies, while its high viscosity can deliver thickening properties. In applications such as bakery or processed meats, it exhibits water binding capacities, which hold potential for fat reduction. For classic applications, such as crackers and cereals, it can add a satisfying crisp.
of OatWell™ BG28 delivers: 3g of oat beta glucan, 5.6g of dietary fibre and only 32Kcal

Designed for your formulation needs

The Oatwell™ range offers varying levels of total dietary fibre, oat beta-glucan and protein content, as well as different particle sizes. Its unique characteristics make it easy to incorporate in application while meeting taste and nutritional targets for a truly enjoyable consumer experience.

Baked goods

  • Easy to incorporate
  • Water binding capacity and moisture retention help extend shelf life
  • Can be mixed in binder syrup to provide thickness
  • High viscosity delivers thickening properties and texture
  • Enables some fat reduction in cakes
  • Improves overall nutritional profile

Extruded cereals / Snacks

  • Easy to incorporate
  • Excellent format to deliver high content of oat beta-glucan and fibre
  • Good expansion properties
  • Lighter, aerated and crispy texture
  • No colour impact
  • Improves overall nutritional profile


  • Easy to incorporate
  • Water binding
  • Comparable texture to regular pasta
  • Improves overall nutritional profile

RTM Powders

  • Free flowing and easy to blend
  • Good dispersion
  • Can deliver added mouthfeel
  • Texture may add to perception of satiety
  • Improves overall nutritional profile

A little product for a lot of nutrition

Our OatWell™ Bran BG28 has over 50% total fibre and 28% beta-glucan. This beta-glucan is a powerful fibre and can help achieve different health claims around the globe. For example in the US, using the heart health claim requires delivering 3g of beta-glucan/day. 

Unique properties to deliver unmatched benefits from oats

For over 30 years, OatWell™ has been researched to develop innovative oat products. Much of our work has focused on proving the health benefits of oat beta-glucans in order to deliver premium value to our customers.

A unique nutritional profile

Generally considered healthier and more nutritious than the other main cereals, oats offer a full range of benefits in a single ingredient. OatWell™ can be provided in three different concentrations of beta-glucans, all delivering both soluble and insoluble fibres, along with an average of 21% - 23% protein.

A proprietary production process

OatWell™ uses a unique production process to fractionate the oat kernel into three product lines: beta-glucan products, oat flours, and oat oils. Our production process preserves the native structure of oat beta-glucans, retaining their high molecular weight during fractionation into oat brans with a high amount of beta-glucans.

The importance of high molecular weight

The molecular weight of oat beta-glucan is essential to delivering health benefits. OatWell™'s beta-glucan has a very high molecular weight (2000-2500 kDa as naturally found in oats), which contributes to its unique viscosity and thickening properties. This viscosity has an important impact on physiological functions, such as reducing blood cholesterol levels, moderating blood glucose and insulin levels, and potentially benefiting satiety.

Benefits of OatWell’s high molecular weight:

  • Ability to effectively reduce cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels compared to low molecular weight alternatives
  • High viscosity – thickening properties
  • Excellent water-binding properties
  • Potential to replace fat in product formulations

Unlocking the potential of dietary fibres and oat beta-glucan

Dietary fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet, promoting digestive health and providing a range of benefits that can help maintain overall wellbeing. Found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, dietary fibres are carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the body.

Nutrition Facts Label: FDA definition of “dietary fibre”

"non-digestible soluble and insoluble carbohydrates (with 3 or more monomeric units), and lignin that are intrinsic and intact in plants; isolated or synthetic non-digestible carbohydrates (with 3 or more monomeric units) determined by FDA to have physiological effects that are beneficial to human health."⁸

Soluble Fibers

Soluble fibres are dispersible in water. Fibres with high molecular weight, such as OatWell™, transform into a gel-like substance as they move through the digestive tract, where they are fermented by beneficial bacteria.⁹ This type of fibre is known to reduce cholesterol levels, particularly LDL (bad cholesterol)¹⁰, and manage blood glucose levels⁷ making it particularly beneficial for those concerned with heart health and healthy blood glucose. When soluble fibre, such as that found in Oatwell™, is digested by beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, it acts as a prebiotic.¹¹ As a result of digestion, short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are released in the colon and serve as a nutrition source for the colon’s own cells.

Oat beta-glucans

One exceptional soluble fibre is beta-glucan, a natural, indigestible polysaccharide found in oats, barley, yeast, bacteria, algae, and mushrooms. Oats are particularly rich in beta-glucan, with concentrations ranging from 3-5% depending on the variety. Oat bran, produced by removing the starchy content of the grain, contains the highest concentration of beta-glucan, offering numerous health benefits for cardiovascular health⁵ ⁶, glycaemic response⁷ and the gut microbiome.⁴

Insoluble fibres

Insoluble fibres, on the other hand, do not dissolve in water as they pass through the digestive system. They help promote regular bowel movements, helping the stool pass more quickly through the intestines, which studies indicate is associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer.¹² By delivering both insoluble and soluble dietary fibres, including beta-glucans,¹³  OatWell™ helps meet consumer expectations for nutritious and delightful food experiences while promoting overall wellbeing. Embrace the power of these natural ingredients to create food experiences that truly resonate with today's health-conscious consumers.

Prebiotic support for the gut microbiome

Oat fibre contributes to improved gut health by increasing faecal bulk, but there’s more to the story. OatWell™ oat bran fibre has prebiotic effects, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids like butyrate and propionate, which have been associated with anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering properties.²⁰

What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotics are substrates that are selectively utilised by host microorganisms that confer a health benefit. Simply put, they are food for beneficial microbes that live in the human gut. These microbes can produce short chain fatty acids, which are considered beneficial compounds. Most prebiotics are dietary fibres, but not all dietary fibres are prebiotics. Many prebiotic fibres are soluble and some are insoluble.¹¹

The prebiotic effects of oat bran fibre have been validated through years of research. In a review by Malkki and Virtanen, they cite: “in the large bowel, soluble dietary fibre increases the fermentation activity, especially production of butyric acid, enhances growth and colonisation of some probiotic bacterial strains, increases production of microbial mass and thereby aids the removal of nitrogen via faeces. It also increases wet weight of stools, thereby alleviating constipation”.²¹

Research conducted on oat beta-glucan demonstrates that it meets three important criteria, confirming its status as a prebiotic fibre:¹ ²

  • helps produce Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs): acetate, propionate and butyrate³
  • increases lactic acid as well as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli³
  • increases faecal bulk and promotes proper gut function⁴
By nurturing the gut microbiome, OatWell™ is an ideal ally for creating healthy and delightful food experiences that optimize wellbeing from within.
This web page is intended to provide business-to-business education and information. Its purpose is not intended to communicate to end consumers. Ingredient information is for educational purposes only; specific ingredients are not intended to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure any disease states. The information provided may or may not be applicable to, or satisfy, all regulatory requirements for all global regions. Specific regulatory requirements must be evaluated to ensure compliance within the individual countries and regions.

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